About us

J.E.L new office is located at Lot 8 West Street Bowen.

J.E.L was incorporated on 23rd April 2012 under the company limited by guarantee corporations Act 2001 to:

  • provide opportunity to create economic wealth and growth for Juru peoples and future generations to come.
  • maintaining and protecting our land and sea country, and culture.
  • build strong relationships and ensure we are strong and united within our partnerships.
  • always be endorsed by our families.
  • to secure a better future for our JURU PEOPLE.





Looking After Country


  • Our Mission

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    The Company is established and will be maintained for the direct relief of poverty, disadvantage, suffering and sickness of the Beneficiaries by;


    • Advancement of education including promotion of training for the Beneficiaries in employment.
    • Reduction of unemployment by promoting the employment of participation in contracting opportunities.
    • Care for the aged and disabled.
    • Provision of community and social infrastructure on traditional country or regional centres in the proximity of traditional country.
    • Promoting indigenous art, culture and heritage.
    • Preservation and protection of cultural heritage.
    • Promoting and benefiting the general welfare of the Beneficiaries.
    • To the extent that this is a charitable purpose as recognised by the law of equity and income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Cth)


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